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Join us for Mental Toughness Training with Doc Ali!

For the past 25 years, Doc Ali has worked with Olympic medalists, NCAA Champions, and thousands of athletes chasing their dreams. After receiving her PhD in Psychology, she spent 12 weeks studying the mind with the masters in Nepal, four weeks in a Thai forest monastery, three weeks in an Amazon jungle in Peru, two weeks in silence integrating it all, and still made it back to teach it.

A former gymnast herself, she is relentless about helping people reach their potential. She has been a mental toughness trainer for USA Gymnastics since 1997. Doc Ali is a consistently invited contributor to regional and National USA Gymnastics congresses, and industry publications and websites around the world.

Over a 6-week period, and every Wednesday at 7pm beginning on January 6, 2021, Doc Ali will work with our vaulters via Zoom to help them “tame their fear beasts,” overcome injuries, maintain a positive attitude, have a tight mind, etc. Learn more about Doc Ali at

If you are interested in participating-please pm me. This is part of Great Lakes Equestrian Vaulting’s team program but you can participate for $50 which covers all 6 sessions.

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