GLEV Coaches

GLEV Coaching Staff.

Coach-Amy Mattson. Amy is a certified yoga instructor, a certified physical trainer, and also a USA Gymnastics trained coach up to level 7. Amy is also a canter vaulter and has participated in the 2020-2021 USEF Pathways Coaches Training and has attended many vaulting training clinics, including the American Vaulting Association’s 2018 Education Symposium. Amy is the head coach of the Rising Stars program at Great Lakes Equestrian Vaulting.

Kimberley Dexterhouse, Formerly a gymnastic is able to apply her knowledge of biomechanics and fitness training to enhance the GLEV vaulting program. Kimberley attended the 2022 Equestrian Vaulting Education Symposium in Las Vegas, where she was immersed in coaching and lunging training.

Coach-Michelle McLean-Michelle McLean is a former elite gymnast who got into vaulting because her daughter, Maria McLean, fell in love with the sport in 2012, when Maria was only five years old. Michelle founded Great Lakes Equestrian vaulting in 2019. Because of her background in gymnastics, Michelle brings a special understanding of the “gymnastic” side of the sport of vaulting, such as strength, endurance, flexibility, etc. as well as the structure, discipline and training necessary for vaulters to reach the highest levels in this equestrian sport. Michelle has been the President of Region X of the American Vaulting Association since 2014. She served as Director of Education on the American Vaulting Association’s Board of Directors and also is currently serving as the Vice President of Vaulting Development for the American Vaulting Association. Michelle participated in the 202-2021 USEF Pathways Coaches Training and has attended several vaulting clinics and competitions, including the American Vaulting Association Education Symposium in 2017, 2018, and 2019. 

Assistant coaches are Hope Spears and Claire Clinger both ex-canter vaulters whi are learning the ropes of being coaches.