WEEKEND CAMP JULY 27-28, 2024 -  WEEK CAMP JULY 29-AUGUST 2, 2024  

An International camp for vaulters, lungers and coaches! 

Stay overnight, bring your own horses.


Barrel Training and Drills, including a MOVIE (moving barrel).


Dance, fitness, games and FUN!


Vaulting for Internationally inspired athletes.


Training will include all the main components of physical fitness, plus yoga and dance sessions. There will be a strong emphasis on safety, balance, coordination while using fun interactive games. Equestrian Vaulting has widely been used as a safe an effective Segway into riding.

In this equestrian vaulting training camp participants will be immersed in Equestrian vaulting which will include learning about horsemanship, dance, theater, physical fitness, teamwork, basic riding skills, and FUN! 

About your Instructors

Our instructors are elite coaches who have experience in physical fitness, yoga, dance, horsemanship, safety, and the skills of vaulting.  Instructors have the knowledge of SafeSport Training, First Aid and CPR and concussion training. They are experienced in coaching all ages and abilities. 

Clinians to be announced.

Coaches and Lungers

We encourage coaches and lunger to attend the camp for some extensive coach and lunger/riding training. You can also bring your own horse! Our experts are Elite riders and lungers, with coaching education from top clinicians,

Overnight Camping

Overnight camping in tents is available amongst our beautiful apple orchard. we will supply tents, have a bathroom and shower facility, provide food and cookouts. You will be responsible to bring sleeping bags or desired bedding (air mattress if desired). We have Laundry available (once per week).