Welcome to Great Lakes Equestrian Vaulting Club! 

Great Lakes Equestrian Vaulting Club is both competitive and recreational vaulting club. Equestrian Vaulting is a graceful and athletic sport that most closely resembles gymnastics on horseback. 

Vaulting requires the teamwork of the vaulter, horse & longeur. Vaulting may be done as individuals, pairs or as teams. Vaulters may be doing compulsory exercises on the horse in their first lesson.  Vaulting is a specialized horse activity that is fun.  It improves confidence, balance, timing, strength, and suppleness, thus making participants’ better, more secure horseback riders. Since one vaulting horse can address the needs of many vaulters, it is a great way to offer an equine opportunity to many participants.

Vaulting diversifies and enhances any horsemanship program, both for able-bodied and disabled equestrians. A growing number of riding instructors, schools, camps and therapeutic programs are using vaulting to improve their students’ skills.

Nestled on the 14 acres of Grove Equestrian Center in Cedar Springs, MI, located right off highway 131, a short 20 minute drive from downtown Grand Rapids. 

 GLEV offers programs for competitive vaulters, beginners, recreational for fun, and vaulting to improve rider's seat, harmony and confidence. GLEV is a registered Club with the Equestrian Vaulting USA